Our Patrons and Sponsors

Benefactors & Sponsors

Bob Gillenkirk
In memory of Gren VanTongeren
Lila Miller
In memory of John T. Miller
Audrey & Greg Trendowski
In memory of Carol Milligan
Ralph J. Barry
Buff Whelan Chevrolet
Dave Edwards
In loving memory of Jan
David W. Estes
In memory of Frances Ann Estes
Dr. Gary A. Flemming
Allen & Sue Frost
Jerry & Norma Grijak
In memory of Maureen Pelachyk
Justin Hockenmeyer
David & Maureen Kay
Judy Klein
In memory of Carol Milligan
Janice Ulmanis

Sponsors & Patrons

Jeanne Ledingham
In memory of Jack Ledingham
Doris Nagorsen
Alice Wilke
Harry & Martie Thomalla
In memory of Jim Brege
David & Kathryn Palazzolo
Richard & Jacquelyne Pfaff
Gary & Rebecca Pocisk
Dr. William & Arlene Robertson
RCO Engineering, Inc.
John & Victoria Sleziak
Karen Sputa & Allison White
Alice Wilke
Diane & Bill Baker
Jim & Carol Crawford
Terry & Elle Daly
In memory of Jan Edwards
Mike & Barbara Hanchin
In memory of Robert Hanshaw

Patrons & Friends

Walter & Elie Jezewski
In memory of Kitty Woodson
Pauline George
John J. Lynch, Attorney
Philip & Gail Meengs
Janet Mullennix
In memory of Kitty Woodson
Peggy & Len Olsen
In memory of our parents
Fred & Phyllis
Chris & Mildred
Donald Sputa & Karen Kimberly
William Therrian
In memory of Margaret Therrian
Peter Hilzinger & Hannah L. Vice
Carol Pielack
In memory of Lawrence Pielack
Sew Fine by Marriette McDonald
Phyllis Winfield
In memory of Augustus Von Winfield
Genna & Molly Young

Thank You!

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you all of our benefactors, sponsors, patrons, friends and advertisers for your help and support. Thank you for support in helping us to spread the performing arts!